Who are we?

We are a research network comprised of friends and their spare time, we retain unique experience and education in the security aspect of computer systems, we take security very seriously.

What we do.

In short, our research network eventually aims to provide you with information, peace of mind, and most importantly, a secure tomorrow. We firmly believe that our efforts could change the way security is viewed by the world.

How on earth would we do that?

The IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, short for internet of things, and monitoring it can provide various useful datasets that could be used to revolutionize the way companies and individuals provide security for their data. The idea is very simple, armed with resources and bandwidth, we are designing methods to provide real-time data for things that used to be difficult, such as: open recursive DNS servers, open NTP servers, email spam, open proxies, vulnerable services and web applications, e.t.c. These datasets are just the few of many that if harnessed in the proper way, can make the world a safer place.

In time, an API will be established for dataset access to you. We also aim to provide those who seek custom data sets with a platform to receive realtime data for their endevaor. Now before you get yourself excited, this platform will not be accesible to everyone, with data comes responsibility; This data is very serious, and must be handled with caution, unlike other sites, we do not wish to provide an outlet for malicious activity.

PHEAR Research Network also wants to provide the world with comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your servers, web applications, or website, if you are an individual or business looking for a boost in security and peace of mind, consult with us (Coming Soon). Crafted with love, ran by outstanding people, who take security as number one priority, we aim to please and penetrate.